Epayments.com Ewallet Review

ePayments is an innovative electronic platform for sending and receiving money. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of the business. With its help, international and foreign companies quickly enter regional markets, and freelancers receive money for their work. To access beneficial terms of cooperation, use the ePayments promotional code.

The payment system ePayments was founded in London in 2011. For 6 years of work, she grew up to an international company with a staff of 200 employees. The system's services are used by more than 500,000 private customers and 1000 enterprises around the world.

Benefits of the Ewallet service:

  1. Ability to charge the card for free with promotional code ePayments.
  2. Work with a variety of payment systems and bank cards.
  3. Low tariffs, large limits and ease of use of the service.

Methods of saving when working with ePayments

The service provides quite a limited number of beneficial offers for its customers. They can all be divided into several categories:

  • Free ePayments cards for promotional code. Having a business account, its owner can issue special invitations (invitations) to his employees or clients. They have the form of ePayments-promotional code and allow you to issue the first card of the payment system at the expense of the employer or partner. For business owners, this solution allows you to increase the loyalty of freelancers while ordinary users of the system receive their first card for free.
  • Free service for new and regular customers. When making the first or additional card in the payment system, all users receive two months of service free of charge. This promotion works on an ongoing basis and does not require the introduction of a promotional code ePayments. The term of free maintenance is counted from the moment the card is activated by the client. It is also possible to extend this period for a month any number of times. To do this, you must pay for services and goods with a service card on the Internet or in stores for more than 300 USD or EUR.
  • No commission for transfer between purses inside the system or on your ePayments card. To conduct such transfers, it is necessary to undergo a verification process. From the account to the account and own card the money is transferred instantly, the commission is absent.

The site also has an affiliate program. Registered users of the service can attract new customers and get paid for it. To do this, you must create a referral link where new users will be registered. Money is credited to the bonus account after payment and activation of the first card of the new customer.
How to enter promotional codes for ePayments
Activation of coupons of payment system does not require special efforts. ePayments promotional codes are entered in a special field in the second stage of registration after entering an email or mobile phone number (international format). When you click on the affiliate link, this field will already be filled. In any case, you can skip this step and continue the registration.

Where to find promotional codes for ePayments and other services

We cooperate with all major payment services and guarantee our clients a number of advantages:
  • prompt receipt of new information on beneficial offers;
  • current and verified promotional codes for ePayments and other services;
  • a constantly growing catalog and a convenient search system.


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